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When The Night Falls

Play Another Round

Gimme Five

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Album release in Europe

The new and self-titled Stala & So. -album will be released in Europe on August 21st by Escape Music Ltd. Check out the company's website for more information!

The album release show will be on Friday, Sep. 7th at On The Rocks, Helsinki. More Finnish gig dates are coming up soon!

The interview of our new drummer Rudy

How long have you been playing drums?

I started to take drum lessons about 8 or 9 years ago and we put together a band with my friends. That's when it started.

Why did you choose drums? Can you play some other instrument?

My friend got drums as a birthday present. He was actually bass player and more interested in that so he put me behind the kit. That was my place. I don't play any other instruments.

Have you studied drums or some other music related?

I took drum lessons actively for about a year or so in the beginning. After that I have been in the music camp for a couple of weeks every summer but otherwise I have just rehearsed by myself and played in bands.

Do you have any other bands at the moment? Have you had the chance to tour anywhere else than Finland?

I have a band called Chicken at the moment. We are playing our own material, 70's style rock'n roll. I am also playing some gigs here and there as a replacement drummer and I have a couple of projects on the way as well. I have never played outside Finland.

What kind of music are you listening to? Any idols or role models?

I listen to lots of different music and music styles. But I guess the traditional 70's rock is my cup of tea. About role models, I have a lot. Dave Grohl is propably inspiring me the most at the moment.

What is the best gig you have seen? And what is the best gig that you've ever played?

There has been lots of great gigs, but I guess the Rival Sons -gig a few months ago was really tight and good.

It is hard to put my own gigs in some kind of order. Sometimes you feel that you've played a shitty gig but there is always someone who liked that show too! I guess the most important thing for a good gig is that you make people happy and give them entertainment.

How did you become the drummer for Stala & So.? Did you know the band before?

I was a trainee at Sampsa's studio in 2011-2012 and got to know the band from there. Sampsa called me last summer and asked me to do a few shows as a replacement drummer. And the rest is history, so to speak.

As a drummer, how are different than Hank?

Well, I'm a different person.. Every player is a unique and that is a good thing. There is no point to compare.

Do you participate in the songwriting? Is Sampsa giving you space to decide how to play or does he have a clear vision of how to play and how the drums should sound?

I've haven't been a part of the song writing process yet, so I don't know! But I'm sure that we'll reach some kind of understanding of how to play drums in this band. If we don't, then we will wrestle :)

What is the best song to play live? And the least pleasant?

I've always liked to play Everything for Money. The most unpleasant is to play songs that have not been rehearsed enough. On the other hand, sometimes it is good that way, it keeps you on your toes during the gig!

Tell us some funny story from the road?

The gigs and travelling are always fun, but I can't recall any single funny story now.. At least something that you can print, haha!!

When The Night Falls is out!

Our When The Night Falls -vinyl single is out now! You can get this wonderful product from Levykauppa Äx and Paitamesta.

When The Night Falls-video

When The Night Falls -single is out NOW!




When The Night Falls -single available in also!

You can also pre-order the autographed WTNF -single from Paitamesta. Limited edition, so hurry up!

When The Night Falls -vinyl single coming up! (updated)

Our new single, When The Night Falls, will be released on March 20th 2015. The single will be our first 7" vinyl release and the B-side features also the first single, Shine Out, from our upcoming album. When The Night Falls -single is now on pre-sale at Recordshop X. Put your order in now and the product will be shipped to you for the release date! To order, press here. Thank you!!

Shine Out -documentary video online now!

Shine Out!!


Shine Out- release week!!

Hello everyone! The agenda for this week:

Mon. Aug 18.: Stala is on the air tonight, the station is Lähiradio and the frequency in Helsinki is 100,3MHz. Tune in!

Tue. Aug 19. : The cover for the upcoming single, Shine Out, will be revealed. Keep the social media channels open!

Wed. Aug 20th: We'll reveal the prizes and the details to those who'll witness ALL seven acoustic shows we are playing Thursday.

Thu Aug 21th: The new single Shine Out will be online on Soundcloud at 9AM! At 1PM we are on the live interview on Radio Helsinki (98.5MHz) and at 2PM starts the acoustic marathon from Hilpeä Hauki. Join us for the fun!!

New single Shine Out and The Night Of The Arts in Helsinki (press release)

Stala & So will release the first single from their upcoming album on Aug.21st. The song is called "Shine Out". To celebrate that release the boys will play 7 acoustic shows in a row at The Night Of Arts-event in Helsinki Aug.21st. The first show, located in Hilpeä Hauki, starts at 2PM and the last show will take place at 10.00PM in LeBonk.

Everyone who witnesses all the shows on that particular day, will get a reward after the last show in LeBonk. The reward will be revealed at the first show, so be there!

Check out also the new and upcoming shows from the gigs-section. The list will be updated when more shows are confirmed.

Stala & So. live @ The Night Of The Arts:

2PM Hilpeä Hauki (Vaasankatu 7, 00500 Helsinki)

4PM Kustaa Vaasa (Vaasankatu 10, 00500 Helsinki)

5PM Kolme Kaisaa (Hämeentie 29, 00500 Helsinki)

7PM Public Corner (Mikonkatu 15, 00100 Helsinki)

8PM On The Rocks (Mikonkatu 15, 00100 Helsinki)


9PM Dubliner (Mannerheimintie 5, 00100 Helsinki)

10PM Le Bonk (Yrjönkatu 24, 00100 Helsinki)

Naughty Or Nice on Spotify!


The photo contest-win the cd-version of the new ep!

Many of you have asked for the physical cd-version of the Naughty Or Nice -ep.. We decided to give everyone a chance to get it: Let's start a photo contest!

Instructions: Pick one(1) song from one of our albums and capture that song title into a photo! The photo can be an existing one, edited, photoshopped, borrowed (remember the copyright issues..) or even a drawing. The main point is that it presents the song title nicely.

Send the photo with your contact information to us via email: contact @ The last day to participate is Dec 31st. 2013.

The best two(2) photos will be rewarded with the Naughty Or Nice -cd, incl. the acoustic bonus tracks!

Listen the new single Naughty Or Nice and get it from iTunes!


Buy the new Naughty Or Nice EP from iTunes!

Naughty Or Nice -Christmas single!

Stala & So. are hitting the Christmas markets with their new, acoustic single Naughty Or Nice. The song is fresh from mr. Stala's pen and it tells a little story about the adventures of the curious elf girl. There is also a few rather exotic instruments in this song, for example bagpipe and accordion. The accordion parts are played by wonderful and very talented Sofia Ahjoniemi, who has succeeded in many accordion competitions around the world.

The release date of the Naughty Or Nice -single is December 2nd, 2013. You can hear it first on our website and Facebook-page, so stay tuned!

The bonustracks of this release are acoustic studiolive versions of the songs Kites, Sad Song, Livin' On A Prayer and Pamela. We will announce the Spotify- and iTunes links later on.

You can hear Naughty Or Nice and many other Chirstmas favourites live on Sampsa's troubadour tour "Nahkatakkinen Tonttu 2013" (The elf dressed in leather jacket). Check the dates and bars from the FB-event.

Albums available in the US!

Dear fans in United States of America, all our albums are now available in your country via Demon Dolls Records. Get 'em all!!

UK Tour and new music!

The Hairband Extravaganza UK Tour starts tomorrow! We are really excited to be on the road again, keep checking our facebook -site out for updates from the road. See you!

The other exciting thing; we will release new music at the end of November! We have a bunch of acoustic songs that we would like you to hear. The release will be digital and the songs will be available for purchase online. We'll announce the shopping places and the exact release date later!

Return to the UK!

We are proud and excited to announce the following news: Stala & So.'s return to the UK! We will be joining TUFF and SHAMELESS for their "Hairband Extravaganza UK Tour 2013" in October. Check out the tour dates and read all the other details about this wonderful, beautiful and hard rocking tour from the Metal Sludge -website!

Album released in Europe + fan-made video!

The Play Another Round -album was released all over Europe on April 12th by our new co-operator, Escape Music Ltd (UK). The European version contains two bonustracks; "Pamela" mixed by Beau Hill and the acoustic version of the Ozzy Osbourne's hit "Shot In The Dark".


To celebrate the European release of the new album, we'll launch the previously announced hunt for videoclips! Here are the instructions:

If you have video material from Stala & So. -shows or anywhere else involving the band, please send those clips to us! We might use the best parts in our new music video. To make the editing easier the clips should be short, about a minute-long. Please edit them yourself a little bit, just send us the bits that you think are the best and/or the funniest. The best file formats are mp4, mov. avi. Attention! The picture ratio should be 16:9. We can't use the videos that are shot with 4:3 ratio!

We use Dropbox for the file transfer, you can create your own account at

If you want to be a part of this madness, send an e-mail to We'll answer to your email with further instructions. Hurry up!

Play Another Round on iTunes and Spotify (Finland) (updated)

The Play Another Round -album is available on iTunes in Finland. The rest of the world will get their share later this spring!

Now you can listen to the album from Spotify!

Escape Music Ltd and the European release!

Stala & So. and the British record company Escape Music Ltd have signed a deal for the European release of the Play Another Round -album. The release date is April 12th 2013. The European version of the album contains two bonus tracks, Pamela (mixed by Beau Hill) and the acoustic version of the Ozzy Osbourne's tune Shot In The Dark.

Finnish album chart position 43!

The Play Another Round has debuted number 43th on the Finnish album chart! Thanks to everyone who bought the album! Now let's keep it on the list, spread the word and make your friends to buy it too!

The album is out now!

The Play Another Round -album is finally out! Get your own copy from Recordshop X's website, just click the album cover on the left and you're there! The Finland tour has started, check the dates from the gigs -section on the left and come to the show. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and keep yourself constantly updated about the band's actions! And finally, spread the word! All in the name of rock'n roll!

Here's our new video, The Boys Are Having Fun, for you:

Pre-order the Play Another Round-album now!

Click the Play Another Round album cover on the left and pre-order it now from RecordshopX!! The release date is February 22nd and the album will be shipped to you day before the release date. The track list is also there so check it out. Just three weeks, hang on people!!


Play Another Round!

Now it's official! We are proud to announce that Stala&So.'s second album is titled Play Another Round. It contains 11 brand new songs. One of them, Rock Until I'm Done is already released and it is available for example on iTunes. The release date of the album is Feb.22nd. In the beginning of February we will also release the second single and the new video, The Boys Are Having Fun. We'll announce the exact release date later.

The pre-listening session of the new Play Another Round -album is on Feb. 21st at Bar Bäkkäri, Helsinki. The evening starts at 6pm. Come and have a few drinks and listen to the new album with the band!

The Play Another Round in Finland -tour starts on Feb. 22nd from Green Room, Helsinki. It is the official album release show and we'll play lots of new songs! The ticket prize is 6€ (inc.cloak room service). Our fellow band, Band Of Vipers, will also be there so join us for a great party! More dates are coming up, see you on the road! Check the confirmed dates from the Gigs-section on the left.

Rock Until I'm Done on iTunes & Spotify

You can now listen and buy the new single, Rock Until I'm Done from iTunes and Spotify. Enjoy!

Rock Until I'm Done!

Here it is people. Thank you for your patience in waiting, now you can enjoy this as much as you like! Available soon also on iTunes and Spotify.


Rock Until I'm Done-teaser & Beau Hill!

Our new and upcoming single, Rock Until I'm Done, is mixed by Mr. Beau Hill. He has been involved in many million selling hard rock albums as a producer and mixer, such as RATT (4 albums, incl. Out Of The Cellar), WARRANT (Cherry Pie), EUROPE (Prisoners in Paradise), ALICE COOPER (Constrictor) and TWISTED SISTER (Love Is For Suckers).

Beau Hill has also mixed another song from the upcoming Stala & So. -album, Life Goes On and the top hit from our debut album, Pamela. Both of these songs will also be available to purchase on iTunes. Please check out the short samples of those songs and some additional information of Beau himself from here!

Photo contest

Only two weeks left to the release of our new single Rock Until I'm Done! To celebrate that, let's start a photo contest; send us a photo about Stala & So. We don't necessarily want to see just live photos, instead you can use your imagination, photoshop, effects and all kinds of modern wonders to create an interesting picture that somehow relates to the band. Of course it CAN be a live shot as well, but we are looking for something different now!

Send your picture via email contact @ stalaso. com (max size 1MB). The last day of the competition is November 7th 2012.

Three best photos will be rewarded with autographed Rock Until I'm Done -single!

We will also put some of the best photos to our Facebook- and Twitter sites.

The title of our new single and studio blog pt2!

The title of our upcoming single is Rock Until I'm Done. As previously announced, the release date is Nov 7th, so stay tuned and alert! Less than 3 weeks to go..

Check out also our newest video update from the studio by clicking THIS.

Video update from the studio!

Check out the first video update from the last weekends bass&drum sessions from here!

Gig updates

At the end of the year we will play a few domestic shows, check out the dates from the left and join us! Featured also on two of those dates are the one and only Honey Hellraiser and Hämeenlinna's pride and joy Cardiant.

Happening right now..

As you may have already noticed, we have started the work on our next album! The album is scheduled to be released in early 2013. The arranging process and reheasals are going on right now and in the middle of September we are ready to hit the official rec-button. The whole band has participated to the song writing so the material is going to be versatile. But don't you worry, the same familiar elements such as strong melodies and good old hard rock will be there!

On November 7th 2012 you will get the first glimpse of the new material. We will release the first single from the album on our official sites and Facebook. We will also post more pictures and videos from the recordings to our Facebook-site so stay online!

In the end of this year we will play five shows in Finland. We'll announce the dates as soon as they are all confirmed.

Tour pictures

Lots of live photos from our recent tour have been added to our Facebook-site. And there's more to come so join us on Facebook and keep in touch!

Tour t-shirts!

Available now is Recordshop X: Buy the 2012 European Tour t-shirt and get the "Life Goes On" -single with autographs for free! Click here! Limited edition!


The European release of the Gimme Five-ep..

The European release of the Gimme Five-ep is postponed. The original date was this Friday (Apr.27th). We will announce the new release date as soon as it is confirmed!


Life Goes On in Spotify

Listen our new single from Spotify!

Tour thanks and more..

Our first tour in Europe is over and we would like to thank everyone involved! We had a great time and everything went really well. The response we got was great and we are hoping to go back on the road as soon as possible. The last part of our tour video blog is now online on our YouTube-channel so go and check that out. Feel free to browse through all the episodes from the same address! Keep on checking also our Facebook-site for news and photo updates.

Right now we are starting the pre-production of our upcoming album, the recordings are planned to start in June.

New single on iTunes!

You can now download our new single "Life Goes On" from iTunes from here. Enjoy!


Gimme Five European release and tour!

Music Buy Mail will release the european version of  Gimme Five, with the extra 5 acoustic songs, on April 27th 2012! The purchase links will appear later to this website and also to our Facebook and Twitter.

As you have noticed, our tour with Vain starts in a few days! We are very excited about this and can't wait to play for our european fans! Hopefully we can make new ones along the way as well. We will write a tour blog and post pictures from the road to our Facebook-site so keep on following that on a daily basis. The first show is this Saturday at Shout It Out Loud -festival in Mulheim, Germany. From there on it will be, just like The Beatles sang, a long and winding road.. See you on tour! 

Special show with Ancara on Feb.18th at On The Rocks, Helsinki!

Come and join us on a special evening with Stala & So. & Ancara! The purpose of the evening is to collect funds for our upcoming European tour. Everyone is invited to this special event.

The program:

At 8pm begins the "special"-part of the evening. Tickets to this event cost 20€, including entrance fee+cloakroom service, one drink (beer/cider), a new promosingle "Life Goes On" from Stala & So., meet&greet session and last but lot least, a special acoustic show by Stala & So. (showtime about 8.30pm). After 10pm the entrance fee is 7€+cloakroom service. The both bands will also play their "electric" sets during the evening! There will be also lots of merchandise from both bands on sale, so bring cash and shop 'til you drop! All the funds from this evening will go to charity... for the upcoming tour!

European Tour 2012

Finally it is confirmed! We'll do a European tour with Vain (USA) and Ancara in March. This will be our first tour in Europe and we are really excited to come and entertain our international fans! Check the dates from the Gigs-section and join the fun..

Welcome 2012!

The beginning of the year 2012 has been really busy for the band so far! In these first two weeks we've recorded five acoustic songs in our studio, played an acoustic show at On The Rocks, Helsinki and took some new promo pictures. Photos from those events will appear to our facebook-site in a few days. Keep checking it out..

We are also happy to announce that we'll be part of the Radio Rock-cruise at m/s Baltic Princess in Feb. 11.-12th. We'll play a special acoustic show in the terminal before the cruise starts and later in the evening there will be a Stala & Sami J. -duo show on board!

A few more exciting things are also bubbling under, we'll announce them as soon as they are ready and confirmed!

Merry Christmas!

Stala & So. wishes Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone! Thank you for your support this year, 2011 was good for us, let's make 2012 even better. News and updates of the next years plans coming up really soon, so stay tuned and keep following us on Facebook and Twitter also!

Gimme Five-EP on Spotify and iTunes

The new Gimme Five-ep is finally available on Spotify. Click and listen!

To purchase the digital version, go to iTunes.

Promo tour in Germany! (updated)

Stala and Sami J. will make a promo tour in Germany in October to support the release of the It Is So. -album. In the middle of their busy schedule they will also do a few special in-store appearances. These events includes meet & greet-session and a short acoustic set! So if you want to see the gentlemen live and hear them play, you really should get your ass there! Click the locations below for more info. 

- 10/4/11 Hannover, Hot Shot Records (5:00pm)

- 10/5/11 Berlin, Saturn (5:00pm)

- 10/6/11 Munchen, Music Buy Mail (5:00pm) Notice: This number of visitors in this event is limited to 40 persons! We recommend you to pre-register by sending e-mail to

- 10/7/11 Krefeld, Saturn (5:00pm)

- The guest dj-event at Paunchy Cats, Lichtenfels is cancelled!

It Is So. & Europe

Our debut album It Is So. is released in Europe today! You can order it from Music Buy Mail's website by clicking here

Gimme Five -release and more..

The new ep, Gimme Five, is now released! Click the cover image on the left and order it from the Recordshop X. New merchandise is also available, we have two new t-shirts, zip hoodie and a canvas bag added to the selection so order those items too! Tonight, Sept.14th, we'll play at On The Rocks, Helsinki to celebrate the release. Everyone's invited!

New video now online!

Check out our new video Hey What's Goin' On?


 Gimme Five -ep is now on pre-sale!

Our new ep, titled "Gimme Five", is now on pre-sale at Recordshop X. Click the cover image on the left and order your copy now! Tracklist is: Life's Too Hard, Hot Blooded, Hey What's Goin' On?, Anytime and Back On The Road. The release date is Wednesday, September 14th 2011. We will play the album release show at On The Rocks, Helsinki on that same date.

Japan release!

Stala & So. and a japanese record company, King Records, have signed a deal for the Japan and South-East Asia release of the bands debut album "It Is So." King Records is established in 1931 and it is one of the biggest independent record companies in Japan. The album will be released in August 24th, 2011. The special Japan -version of the album contains also two new songs!

Distribution news

Stala & So. has signed a distribution deal with the german-based company Music Buy Mail. The company is responsible for the digital and physical distribution of the debut album "It Is So.". The album will be also available via their own webstore. The distribution territory is Europe (excluding Finland) and South America. More info from The sub-division of Music Buy Mail, Connecting Music, will handle the albums digital promotion on the same territory.

It Is So. -album in Spotify

The debut album It Is So. is now available on Spotify, just click here and enjoy!

The debut album now in iTunes!

It Is So. -album is now available in iTunes! Check out the songs here and buy the whole package.

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