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Rock Music

God of Country Music “Blake Shelton”

I adore Country music! Many individuals I know do too. You can feel deep emotions in your heart when listening to a country music song. What Blake Shelton did for …
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Blake Shelton

“Journey” The Rock Band

What about a Rock band? No, an art-rock band from San Francisco with a history of end number of changing members. A band that went through a lot of self-experimentation …
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Tipsy Rose Tunes

Pink Floyd And Tipsy Rose Tunes

They distinguished themselves for their extensively performing compositions, sensational experiments with beats, philosophical lyrics, and elaborate live shows. If that’s still vague to identify who is being mentioned here, ” …
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Pink Floyd

“The Eagles” Vintage Voices

When one thinks of the rock band “The Eagles,” the pop-rock tunes of Hotel California automatically fill in the head. More than that, the song and the lyrics are not …
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